February 11th, 2013

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Monday, February 11th, 2013 11:39 am
  • Kenobi and Kiba mugged a 2yr old last night :( He had a very seductive yellow ball, they picked it up off the ground and we gave it back but there were kiddy tears of ball stealing distress. *winces*
  • Life seems to be composed of tiny things right now. I've cleaned most of my room and eaten a lot of fruit and read a lot of fanfic.
  • I have a new, fluffy pillow and one of those banana ones for reading with - it's great!
  • I've ordered a bunch of yarn from Etsy and I'll hopefully find out what it actually looks like soonish. I feel some knitting coming on and I totally blame [personal profile] littleboot for this.
  • I replaced the AC adaptor that Kiba ate - ironically it was the recharger cable for the phone+tablet battery recharger thingie - which took me multiple attempts and an eventual actual electronics store (Altronics) who were excellent.
  • I've survived yet another week of OTW stuff Six weeks so far… and that's taking a lot of my energy right now.
  • The sunrise is lovely right now, I can see soon I'll be getting up in the dark but not yet!
Sunrise this morning