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Monday, August 15th, 2011 10:13 am
I volunteered on the Hash House for the State Champs Rogaine this year – I was planning on minioning and cutting up a lot of mushrooms or something, maybe grabbing a map and taking a short hike and there was going to be sitting in a camp chair with a book. As it turns out we didn’t have a hash leader yet so I volunteered myself and recklessly volunteered[personal profile] nm2 to be my copilot (we always need more experienced hash leaders, besides it’s fun).

The Rogaine name suggested a need to dress up so I spent the entire event wearing a white dress shirt, black suit jacket and a lovely white cravat – bottom half was track pants and hiking boots ;p the Hash Coordinator S. was very fetchingly dressed in a shirt & jacket, blue bow tie, shorts and boots.

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Saturday, April 16th, 2011 10:51 pm
Old Man Emu Rogaine was a bit complicated in that it’s meant to be the April 12 hour but there was a problem getting permission to camp from Water Corporation so it was cut down to a non-camping 6 hour event running from 11am - 5pm.

I drove down with [personal profile] ascetic_hedony, [personal profile] nm2 and [personal profile] maharetr - we discovered most CDs in the car are way too old and scratched but some of the Phantom of the Opera was working. We provided our own concert on the way home. Was very glad we took Lambert, it was rocky and rutted where it wasn’t soft sand and a smaller car might have had trouble.

The event was set in bushland so we had intermittent shade for which I am grateful. [personal profile] nm2 and I planned a 21km route of which we did 20km and skipped the last two controls we planned to pick up (was stupidly hot by 3pm and we were feeling it. Runkeeper does a cool little map and shows you your elevation - that last hill between 14.5 and 16.5km did for us in the heat and I’m glad we skipped the last hill we had planned. I judge Runkeeper a little for having a km or miles setting but still showing the header in miles.

I have a magnificent blister on my left heel - alas! We collected a couple of controls after the event ended to spare the setting and vetting team so we technically got in our night navigation too \o/
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Saturday, November 20th, 2010 10:27 pm
Lovely day for it, we were worried the weather was going to stay hot and feared 39C but it was cooler, overcast and there was even a breeze. There are not a lot of official duties on the day of the event for the vetting team so we went out for lunch then cruised around waving to teams and generally not exerting ourselves.

I was pleased to see teams hitting the farthest controls; they were only 4km out but the heat and the temptingly close ones made me wonder if they would get much in the way of visits.*grins* two teams swam the river carrying their shoes and packs rather than doubling back to cross bridges and a heartening number of people crossed the Bennet Brooke bridge despite its dodgy condition.

Bennet Brook crossing

All in all, vetting was fun and despite the wistful urge to compete when I saw all the teams heading out it was a great experience.
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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 11:45 am
  • Installed aircon in [personal profile] chaosmanor's bedroom so she doesn't accidentally dessicate this summer - would be the Best Mummy Ever but prefer her hydrated
  • Fixed leaking toilet pipe problem. Well, plumber fixed, I just annoyed plumber with lots of questions about plumbing.
  • Wrote 1504 and 2379 word essays for Negotiation and handed them in then edited Ethics down to 3257 and sent to group for comments *brain melts out ears*
  • Upgraded iPad from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 and successfully jailbroke it again \o/
  • Bought a spray skirt for Carolina, a dry bag and some gloves (fear of sunblock). Have been paddling many times, it’s fantastic and intend to do it a lot more
  • Ordered Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1 - choice partially dictated by being able to get it for $160 but picture quality, weight and optical were also factors
  • Finalised maps and clue sheets for Rogaine, I admit to a tiny amount of anxiety about how it is received - bring on Saturday!
  • Have two books waiting for me to finish the Trimester so I can read again, oh reading, I miss you so
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 03:39 pm
The 4 hour Novelty Event entries close Wednesday night - come on, you know you want to ;)

Come and immerse yourself in the historical beauty of Guildford by participating in the engaging four hour Lilac Quest. The Hash House is in the beautiful Lilac Hill Park and the quest will take you on an informative route through well-preserved historic areas of Guildford, sure to showcase the area’s prolific offering of old colonial residences, parks, pubs, coffee shops, bridges, rivers and 19th century English character. Meander through the local heritage and step back in time whilst putting your mind to work answering some of the brain teaser questions and gain as many points as possible along the way.

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 10:28 am
Heh, we didn’t find it 'too easy' - we planned the usual challenging route which we subsequently cut down. Challenges included steep hills and thick bush we had to slowly and carefully push our way through - should have bailed earlier and skipped to track walking because by the time we figured that out we were tired and cranky. *grins* we also discovered that Ginny’s very nice new backpack has a strong enough magnet in it to distort her compass readings.

There were some picturesque little streams and lovely wildflowers to admire and we ended up doing some friendly chatting with various teams as we intersected on the course - I love that bit. We also did some catching up back at the hash house where I traded some interesting abuse with the hash team while fetching food for people too sore to walk. Oh salty fried potato, I love you so.

My left leg gave me some stern warnings about overuse (need to do far more steady distance type exercise) and I trialled using a walking stick - it was brilliant on rough terrain, especially going downhill.
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Saturday, August 28th, 2010 02:16 pm
Me: ...out of curiosity, where does one find a 150kg tortoise in a hurry?
P: Oh he makes them himself, he's the taxidermist
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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 10:23 am
Volunteering with friends is good fun, [personal profile] maharetr and [personal profile] e_dan car-pooled with me and [personal profile] prk met us at the hash house site - near Dwellingup in some lovely bushland. We made a vast amount of food and took advantage of [personal profile] e_dan and [personal profile] prk having reception to keep track of the election, thus providing hot food and election updates to hungry hikers.

I got to catch up with a bunch of fantastic people, get to know some better and have a long chat with one of the setters for the November Novelty event which I and G. are vetting for - it's going to be fun!

Rogaine hash house fire

The weather stayed mostly fine although we got enough cold+wet overnight that some shivering teams came in earlier than they expected. I had a good weekend and we arrived home a bit sleep deprived and desperate to either burn or boil our clothes after being near a BBQ for 21 hours.

The recycling situation has escalated since I was last on a hash house, we're now recycling EVERYTHING and the recycling station is amazing. Bins for different types of food scraps, plastic, tins, glass, cardboard and more. the 'slops pit' that we dig out the back of the hash house ended up only containing grease from the meat BBQ and washing up water plus a couple of thoughtless accidents that could have gone elsewhere.
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Sunday, June 27th, 2010 04:34 pm
We drove down early in the morning on Saturday (5:30am) because I had a test on Friday night and saw our first gorgeous sunrise on the way.

Sunrise again

The team was me, [personal profile] maharetr, [personal profile] prk and [personal profile] ascetic_hedony (we probably did about 20km 24.2km) and picked up 12 controls for about 800 points. Our navigation was awesome (we picked up everything we aimed for) and we did some lovely night navigating through local paddocks and bushland. We hiked at a good pace up some impressive hills and eventually slowed when 3 of the 8 knees on our team complained heartily at their brutal treatment. We were out from 12pm to a little past 8pm on the Saturday and had a great view of the partial lunar eclipse. Despite cold, rain and steep hills our team was fantastic. I am especially proud of [personal profile] ascetic_hedony and my rendition of The Rose while [personal profile] prk changed his torch batteries sitting on a wet stump surrounded by dripping forest.

The local area and camp site were beautiful and we were lucky to have farmers hosting who built us a HUGE fire to cower near from the cold - I stood as close as possible and steamed gently for ages once we made it back to camp. We then went out again the next morning to see if various knees would warm up but our test walk told us that more hiking was not favoured so we collected one more control and very gently walked back to camp. The below photo is of one of the large dams in the area - the views were lovely.

Morning view from campsite
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 11:19 am
Entries are now open - eeeeiee! Excitement! This all points to it being an excitingly hilly course :)

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Monday, May 3rd, 2010 09:13 am
We packed our kits the night before so that we could drive up early in the morning - pets make camping the night before problematic. I fell prey to The Lakes exit now being on the other side of the truckstop which says a lot about how long it's been since I drove out that way regularly, the denseness of the morning fog and the force of habit.

We planned a 37km route and did 28km after Ginny's knee started giving her serious trouble around 20km in (most of the last 8km was us gently heading home via various controls). The bananas at the last water drop we hit were particularly awesome. The weather was a little rainy followed by overcast, sun, overcast, sun, overcast, stars, stars, stars which was fantastic for hiking. I'm very happy with our navigating - we were spot on for all except one which was me succumbing to 'are we there yet' syndrome and pulling us off course early. We found that control anyway after I stood on a dead tree for a while and contemplated the shape of the hills near us.

We got back to the hash house after 10 of the 12 hours and iced Ginny's knee for a while then headed home before the event was over - seemed like the sensible choice but I was a little sad to miss post-event socialising.

We took a wrong turn in the dark heading home - very tired - and went a little way before saying 'there was no parrot bush like this on the way in' and turning around. This turned out to be an opportunity to witness one of the more bizarre country sports - four guys in a massive 4 wheel drive watching an overturned car burning. The flames were incredible, the entire vehicle was wreathed in fire. I have no idea what the etiquette is for meeting late night arsonists on deserted roads so we stopped, looked at the car, looked at the guys, looked at the car and drove off.

ETA: 50th place, 1180 points. \o/
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Sunday, March 28th, 2010 01:19 pm
[personal profile] maharetr and I packed most of our backpacks before we picked up [personal profile] prk and headed for the event. We arrived with 1.5 hours to plan our route and planned a fantastically ambitious one (aim high!) that we revised down hastily once we worked out how fast we really could travel. The bush was quite thick in places. We did 13.9km in 6 hours (3pm to 9pm) and [personal profile] maharetr's new boots did her proud. Our day navigating was top notch, we hit everything we aimed for with very little faffing about (5 controls in 2.5 hours). Night nav not so much, we drifted East and overshot our first night control and then had to scramble to get back in time so we abandoned our plans and grabbed one more control on the road back because it was there.

Had a bit of a smug moment just after control 104 when we met people approaching it from the East who had to walk *up* the 130m drop that we got to scramble down. I really enjoyed not walking up that hill.

Weather was cool for March and overcast but never quite rained which was great for the day part and a bit dark for the night part. Back at Admin it turned out there was a fair chunk of the UWA OutDoor Club resting up after their first event - I'd met them while paddling so we hung about and compared notes.

All in all, happy to be back and looking forward to doing other events this year.
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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 07:06 pm
This weekend I dragged [personal profile] maharetr  out into the wilderness to experience the joy that is volunteering to feed ~340 people in a paddock. The weather was perfect and a good 1/4 of the teams didn't come back in until the last hour (12 hour event; 137 teams of 2-5). I had a cheerful volunteers lunch, did a vast amount of preparation for the hash opening, went for a 2 hour stroll out on the course (a mere 5.25km) with [personal profile] maharetr  and a couple of maps, cooked a lot of food and chatted to friends, new and old.

Photos )

I also discovered Earwig hats and kinda want one.
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Sunday, June 11th, 2006 11:14 pm
Rogaine was great fun, collected [personal profile] e_dan and his gear from Spearwood then stayed marginally within the speed limits out to Wandering. My love for the North Bannister Roadhouse [and their bacon and egg sandwiches] knows no bounds.

Amusing moments:
  • Admin team asked for a hot water bottle for 'Pebbles' the laptop in the hope the monitor would start working if it warmed up.
  • B.; who I know from Primary School; tried to introduce me to [profile] cricketk. It's a small Perth.
We had one injury which was a broken wrist early in the Rogaine. We also had two ladies not make it back by 12:30 [event closes at 12:00] but they were brought in shortly after by one of the control collecting teams. This is the first time I can remember either of these things happening.
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Sunday, April 9th, 2006 11:46 am
Personal best: 14th overall, 2020 points.

Am very happy, have three magnificent blisters and am quite stiff.

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Sunday, March 12th, 2006 01:30 pm
Event was brilliant.

There were many teams, people did not 'lose' controls, people said nice things afterwards. After the stress of going out, vetting controls, setting some extra ones and worrying about if/when/how, the event itself seemed positively relaxed.

Volunteers collected controls for us the next day, and we were gone by 10am. All in all a worthwhile experience and one I would do again.

Met many nice people, chatted to new and old friends, watched a glorious sunrise. Got to drive patrols with a big flashy green light on my car, Mmmmmmmmmm.
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Monday, March 6th, 2006 08:51 pm
Clearly the bestest bit, you already know where things are so it's all about getting to them and replacing the pretty, pretty hot pink tape on the trees with official stuff. Assuming it was all going to be easy did lead to some cavalier navigating that led to things not being quite so easy but still, mission accomplished.
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Saturday, February 18th, 2006 08:43 pm
Up at 5:30 - not recommended. Plan was to head out as soon as possible and use all daylight available to vet controls (currently marked with pretty pink tape). Snag was that maps were supposed to be printed + delivered but were not. Did that at my work shortly after 6am.

Weather delightful, we stopped for breakfast on a small hill and to admire the view. Saw some interesting rocks, a dam full of algae and some fabulous gum trees. Am hoping to have my camera back by the 11th to photograph a gully we set a control in - so pretty.


Got most of our vetting done by nightfall with one to set and four to vet. Kangaroos tried to play 'chase' with the car but we resisted. Decided to wait for moonrise and continue. The stars were spectacular: saw a few shooting stars and watched the moon slowly rise on the horizon. Still too dark, camped and finished the rest the next day. Home to wash everything and demand an expensive cafe cook us breakfast. Am bloody tired but pleased.

Found a beautiful large feather, saw an eagle take off nearby - wondering if it's a wedge-tail.

ED: Turns out there were many ticks out there.
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Sunday, February 12th, 2006 09:16 pm
Arrived with plenty of time to admire view from hillside, sunset, clouds and maps. Spent some happy planning time then set out optimistically into the night. Full moon astounding, so beautiful, the light coming through and around the clouds was spellbinding.

Wind picked up, brief lightning show then dense cloud cover for the rest of the night - not a lot of light to navigate by. Dropped three controls from planned route and failed to find Control 6 on account of faffing about; most navigating spot on. Very pleased with results; 18th overall at 1770 points in 11:42:25.

Collected controls after; did much overtired giggling and shouting of 'Whee!' while driving through steep paddocks being momentarily menaced by sheep. Doofus was fabulous, really enjoyed being in a team together.

Am exhausted, have sore feet + ankles and three small blisters, ran chunks of the last two hours for the joy of using different muscle groups. Got home through dodgy driving while tired technique, ejected dogs (no bumping of me please) showered then lay about pretending to watch Two Towers. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Sunset 2006 02 11
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Sunday, August 21st, 2005 05:49 pm
Tried and failed to take a decent photo of the full moon - take my word it was beautiful.

Did prepare, cook and provide much food. The Hash House lunch failed to make it into the truck so [livejournal.com profile] juffles and I make a quick run back to the nearest source of cooked chickens and demanded ten. This is a Good Thing as it gave him a chance to drive insanely fast on gravel roads and for me to squeak 'Whee!' at intervals.

The order for '2 rockmelons' was interpreted as '2 crates of' which inspired us to plan a few post-rogaine sporting events but it turns out people are quite keen on eating the things.. no idea why - it has the dubious honour of being the only fruit I can't stand. Have also discovered the fun of peeling a watermelon.

Weather was gorgeous and cold. W&J came 1st with a ridiculous score and added insult to injury by coming back to camp, sleeping for 2 hours before going back out then sauntering in near the end with time to spare.

Am contemplating some sort of compromise between the thermarest and a dirty big mattress to deal with the cold seeping up through the ground problem. Shall look at swags and bedrolls methinks. The problem is partly that I prefer to sleep wedged up against something and sleeping on a thermarest is all about not falling off it.

It appears the dogs amused themselves in my absence by eating a bag of garden fertiliser - if either of them has a sudden growth spurt or sprouts foliage it's their own silly fault.
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Sunday, June 19th, 2005 10:57 pm
My team was sweet and funny; we covered very little ground and did so at a conservative pace; it was fun, easy on the body and there was much entertainment to be had. It was a nice change to be in charge of the navigating. There were controls found and this was a Good Thing.

Lost my raincoat somewhere near control 33, worried about being rained on, used backup poncho and mourned loss of favourite coat. I told admin when we got back in and they produced it! I exclaimed about my love, they posed then said a nice team had found it.

I also attracted lost people and ended up picking up two extra teams on the way back to camp in the dark.

I feel like the Pied Piper except with less rodents.

I shall start a mighty religion!
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Monday, February 28th, 2005 01:48 pm
Have managed to demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt am neither fit not fast enough to Rogaine with [livejournal.com profile] cricketk and [livejournal.com profile] juffles. Am very familiar with what they both look like from behind - this has provided me with some amusement as [livejournal.com profile] juffles was experimenting with a new hydration system involving applying gatorade directly to the back.


We met some lovely TAFE students who were sent out by their lecturer to get "45% of the winning score" in order to pass this component of their 'Adventure sport' certificate. Sounds like a fun qualification.

Broke hiking boots, have small circular hole in the ball of my right foot where a thorn came straight through the sole and cracked it all the way across. Oh well, they were great boots and free!

The new tent is positively palatial, I feel we should be flying a flag atop its little summit with our motto in latin; not sure what "Tight Pants Good!" is going to look like embroidered.