Thursday, May 30th, 2013 11:06 am
Wot I learned recently:

I somehow managed to fill the (tiny 60GB) drive on my work machine and could not work out where the problem was. Everything was slooooooooooow. Our fabo IT person showed me a neat tool WizTree that swiftly identified where all the big stuff was so I could delete it with extreme prejudice. Yay!

Was it... my sekrit stash of movies? massive collection of music? ...the complete works of APOD?

Nooooooo, it turns out our corporate AV software suspects my constant SQL database work is evil (it is!) and quarantines it all... 10GB of deleting later me and my laptop are a lot happier.

I ran it on my home machine and found ~65GB worth of etilqs_ files courtesy of FireFox and another 30GB of outdated iDevice backups.


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