April 3rd, 2013

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 09:07 am
  • Swancon was most excellent, I got the Stargate there without injury to it or me or [personal profile] chaosmanor plus we won a Tin Duck for the Stargate \o/
  • Much love to brother J who loaned out his ute to make transport possible.
  • Visited the gaming room, met some lovely people, went to some panels... Gail Simone on writing genderfluidity was interesting as was a retrospective of Disney's 'Renaissance' years and a look at the last five years of Rebel Empire.
  • Spent some time with family, which for the most part was excellent. Will never again attempt to explain why the internet is not a magical land where people are gender neutral because they can't see each other. Ah who am I kidding.
  • Kiba accidentally bit me while wrestling for a ball, waiting to see how much it's going to purple up. I am going to retaliate with embarrassing clothes for woofers.
  • Am trapped between Blood Donor clinic who won't let me donate because I have a note on my file from 2008,and my GP who refuses to clear me because he doesn't know what they are worried about... *sigh* so much effort to get stuck full of needles.