January 14th, 2013

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Monday, January 14th, 2013 08:13 am
  • Dentist has replaced a 15 yr old filling, it takes ages for me to go numb so we chatted a fair bit. They think the fact that a tooth now vibrates when I call the dogs post-braces coming off is hilarious and then I TOTALLY blew his mind by pointing out that Tolkien says dwarf gender is not visually distinguishable and that half of Bilbo's travel companions are probably women. I know dwarf women were actually 1/3 of the dwarven population and rarely traveled but since they are post-war refugees I think anything goes.
  • Beach with woofers was sad for Kenobi - on leash until stitches come out .. soon... sooon
  • Lunch in Freo with [personal profile] lilysea in which we lay about in various desirable locations and chatted - lovely, hot day.My Saturday lunch date
  • Home with some very dodgy email reading when the traffic lights were red, followed by some rapid email sending and bolting out the door again
  • Furniture shopping with [personal profile] cupidsbow 
  • Accessibility Design, & Technology Meeting (AD&T) plus Board Meeting Two weeks so far...