January 8th, 2013

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 08:39 pm
Not my story to tell, so let's talk in generalities. For what it's worth, you can tell me. I won't judge you, or them, even of you are 'them' (I will tell you your behaviour is unacceptable and work with you to find better ways to behave). Because I want you to be OK, and I want your life to be OK. Because no-one should be hurt or afraid and one of our responsibilities as grownups is to find ways to be that don't harm the people around us. Or anyone really.
  • No, it's never OK
  • Not even if it 'only' happens every now and then
  • Nope, not even if they are really sorry after
  • Never, especially if they are the co-parent of your kids
  • Nuh-uh, you can't provoke someone into being violent - they are responsible for their own actions just as you are responsible for yours.
Yes, it's scary looking at the loss of a relationship. It's also scary living in a relationship where someone feels entitled to hurt you when they can't cope. This is unacceptable.