January 3rd, 2013

samvara: Kiba the dog (Kiba)
Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 08:44 pm
  • Kiba has learned to swim - badly. A sort of panicked vertical swim full of determination which involves Kenobi not getting away.
  • We got him a clamshell for a doggy swimming pool which he actually uses. Kenobi suspects it of being some sort of dog washing conspiracy and will have none of it - he is an old fogey :p
  • Kiba has also developed that casual orbiting that means we can walk him off leash at the beach and trust him to come back after chasing exciting dogs who want to play with him. Yay!
  • He also sits under cafe tables and snuffles my knee reasonably demurely so outings are very doable.
  • Kenobi has developed a third lump - this one is under muscle on his ribs so he's going in for day surgery on Friday to remove it and the other two. I shall cuddle him v. scientifically in the morning to see if I can find any other lumps.
  • Both are ridiculously adorable and well loved.